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Writing for Print and Web

When the Target of Bias is the Doctor

"We would like a white doctor, please," said the parent of a pediatric patient to an African American physician. Discrimination and overt bigotry from patients is not often discussed among doctors or in medical school, yet many physicians experience it. In May 2018, my article won the ASJA Award for an article in a trade publication, AAMCNews (Assoc. of American Medical Colleges). It also received the most clicks in 2017 for the diversity category of the AAMCNews website.

Peers Help People with Substance Use Disorders Move Toward Recovery

Only someone who's been there knows what it's like to lie in a hospital emergency room, injured or sick, with an underlying substance use disorder. To better reach those patients and connect them to treatment, an innovative approach adopted by a group of hospitals and healthcare agencies in western Pennsylvania uses peer navigators who themselves are in recovery. The results have been impressive. Program profile written for website of the Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc., a research policy organization.

MyCode: Revealing the links between our genes and our health

With 115,000+ patients enrolled so far and 50,000+ DNA samples sequenced, this Geisinger project is one of the largest of its kind globally. MyCode now is returning results to patients with one of 76 genetic changes that increase risk for 27 conditions, including breast cancer, colon cancer and cardiomyopathy. Cover story for Geisinger Magazine.

Contributing Writer - Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC.org)

News, treatment and survivorship content, profiles, newsletter stories, patient/survivor education guides for Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC.org), a national education and support organization.

Many Voices, Better Care

Diversity programs at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University enrich medical education and improve care throughout the region. For the SKMC Bulletin.

I Never Called It Rape: The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape

The landmark book that brought to light the truth about rape--that it occurs most often between people who know each other. "Based on first-person accounts, scholarly studies and data from a nationwide survey...freelance journalist Warshaw draws a devastating portrait..." ~Publishers Weekly. Literary Guild alternate; on several "Best Books" lists. 3rd edition published 2019.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Orgasm

Article on ground-breaking research by neuroscientist and psychologist who specializes in studying brain activity during sexual response. For neuroscience website of Rutgers-Newark.

After Pediatrics: Innovative clinic for young adults with complex conditions

When young people with complex medical conditions acquired at birth or in childhood reach 18, they must leave pediatric care. Yet many adult health providers are unfamiliar with treating their conditions and care can be fragmented at best. A special Geisinger clinic provides coordinated care for these young adults. For Geisinger magazine.

Priming the Medical School Pipeline in Minority, Rural and Underserved Communities

Pipeline programs from medical schools now broadening to reach middle-school students and teenagers. For AAMCNews.

Eating Healthfully During Stressful Times

Stress may cause you to reach for high-fat or sugary foods. A look at how to beat emotional eating. Feature article for WebMD.