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My work includes articles, web content, books, newsletters, ghostwriting, reports, collateral material, speeches and more.

I like listening, digging, figuring things out, capturing nuances that tell stories, talking to people from all kinds of backgrounds, asking the third follow-up question that takes me to a new idea, helping others express themselves in their own distinctive ways.

My editors and clients have kind things to say about me. Here's what one said: "As an editor, it's always a pleasure to read a beautifully written piece. Reading yours made my day--maybe my month."

And a ghostwriting/​editing client said this: "I can't thank you enough for all the work you have done. It was exactly what I needed--the simple rephrasing to make things more readable, the advice about what to delete...and the recommendations about what to add and how to do it."

Amer. Soc. of Journalists and Authors
Assoc. of Health Care Journalists
Authors Guild

Winner of national journalism awards

Projects and Published Works

Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Geisinger Health System
Turtle Rock Content
Penn Medicine
NYU Langone Medical Center
NJ Child Placement Advisory Council
Rutgers University
Drexel Univ. School of Public Health
Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Advantage Learning Technologies
Abington Jefferson Health
Health Business Communications
Natl. Women's Health Resource Center
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Virginia Commonwealth Univ. School of Medicine
Dana Foundation
The Pew Charitable Trusts
and more

Sidney Kimmel Medical College Bulletin
Hill Health
Rutgers Today
Thomas Jefferson University Review
The New York Times
New Choices
The Nation
Working Woman
Philadelphia Magazine
Woman's Day
Philadelphia Inquirer
and many others

I Never Called It Rape: The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape (HarperCollins)