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Quiet Reality of Rape

December 7, 2014

Tags: rape, acquaintance rape, campus rape

In the heat and noise surrounding a Rolling Stone article about a campus rape, and the publicationís later disavowal of certain details in the story, the reality of rape between people who know each other is once again being distorted and dismissed.

The article focused on an assault that fit the most sensational stereotype of college-based rape, involving multiple male assailants (more…)

Is Egg Freezing a Smart Career Move?

October 15, 2014

Tags: egg freezing, fertility treatment, pregnancy, women in the workplace

Facebook and Apple recently announced they would start covering expenses for employees who choose to freeze their eggs. Despite giddy press reports of a new tool to help women achieve career parity with men, egg freezing is not simple.

To obtain eggs, women must undergo weeks of hormone medication and injections to increase egg production, with accompanying physical and mood changes. Eggs are removed under IV sedation and frozen. For a pregnancy attempt, (more…)

A Dangerous Display

May 5, 2014

Tags: cigarettes, tobacco products, corporate responsibility, Wawa, mini-marts, public health, tobacco marketing

I love Wawa. If you live outside the Mid-Atlantic region or a few towns in Florida, you have no idea what Iím talking about. Wawa is a chain of mini-marts, not the usual candidate for strong, positive feelings. Over 50 years, the company has built customer devotion in the Philadelphia area and is expanding beyond. Yet it is taking a marketing step that's disturbing from a public health standpoint and at odds with the image it built over decades. (Iíll get to that in a moment.)

Many things set Wawa apart from its grim counterparts like 7-Eleven. Wawa, which started life on a country dairy farm, (more…)

Choosing Change

April 18, 2014

Tags: change, behavioral change, health improvement

Itís not the time of year for talking about making changes. That subject is tethered to the arrival of the new year every January. For those who are students, or are raising them, September conjures fresh beginnings as well. Early autumn also brings the start of the religious new year for Jews and Muslims.

Just a few chances to begin again, and then the window closes. (more…)

How Beneficial Is Palliative Chemo?

March 17, 2014

Tags: cancer, chemotherapy, palliative chemotherapy, patient care, cancer patients

Palliative chemotherapy aims to prolong survival and lessen cancer symptoms, not to treat the disease. Yet many patients in their final months of life do not understand that distinction, or realize what they may face by choosing palliative chemo. And their oncologists often arenít talking with them about what they need to know (more…)

Are You Really Not a Smoker?

February 15, 2014

Tags: smoking, anti-smoking campaign, quitting tobacco, nonsmoker

It's easy to identify smokers, huddled in little outcast knots in office parking lots or near entrances to shopping centers or restaurants. Doctors also have an easy way to find out if you're a smoker: with a yes-no check off box on the standard form you complete when you arrive for many medical appointments.

So you either are, or are not, a smoker. It's simple.

Unless, like almost 400,000 Californians in a recent study, you smoke but don't consider yourself a smoker. (more…)