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Choosing Change

April 18, 2014

Tags: change, behavioral change, health improvement

Itís not the time of year for talking about making changes. That subject is tethered to the arrival of the new year every January. For those who are students, or are raising them, September conjures fresh beginnings as well. Early autumn also brings the start of the religious new year for Jews and Muslims.

Just a few chances to begin again, and then the window closes. Or maybe not. The opportunity and capacity for change exists in every season, in every day. Even today.

We trip ourselves up by focusing on our failures, setting the bar too high or believing that a missed opportunity is a lost cause. The stages-of-change behavioral model has helped create programs to guide people through important health changes. Yet it is exhausting to contemplate change on a personal level through that framework.

Want to be physically active, eat more vegetables, be around people who support you or try another method to stop smoking? You can begin now. Every day is the right time to start, continue or rededicate yourself to intentional choices.